A Woman’s Voice Is A Revolution

Did you know I have some exciting news I am so honoured to be part of a group of amazing women,
we have co-authored a Number One bestseller on Amazon? Here is an insight into what we have been up to and what it is all for.

Lynette Allen gathered the women and this is what happened ;- As the lead author on the book she
guided us inspired us and A Woman’s Voice is a Revolution was born. This is how she describes our stories.

“Open your heart to the transformative power ‘A Woman’s Voice is a Revolution’. This is
one of the most inspirational books for women, an anthology of stories from 50 remarkable
women over the age of 50, presenting an exploration into women’s wisdom books and narratives that traverse the deep waters of life experiences.”

As you dip into this scared book of secrets, may you find solace, strength and a reminder of the
resilient, radiant woman you are. Not only is this an amazing book, but you will also be helping BaliStreetMums a charity co founded by Kim Farr, where her and her very small team take mums and kids off the streets in often very distressing and difficult circumstances.

Lynette’s books have supported the charity in various ways – but for the proceeds from this book
we will be supporting 50 specific women/children. Kim and Lynette have decided to run 3
programmes with the proceeds;

The Little Kids Fun Programme (under 11’s)
For small children play is the best way for them to overcome trauma. These children have been
working on the street, long into the night in dangerous and busy circumstances, they haven’t had a
chance to play – ever. Some of them even have to be taught HOW to play and paint during their
recovery time. For this programme the book proceeds will fund days out, fun events like a magician
or special trips out force riding or to swimming pools. The aim is for them to laugh and raise their
voices with pure joy, express themselves and use their voice safely and creatively.

F.Y.I. activities usually cost between £25 – £100 each.

Teen Body Awareness/Life Vision Retreat (12 – 17’s)
For the teenagers, Kim already runs a program, it’s a retreat weekend event, Kim’s team take them
to a beautiful, quiet part of Bali where they can rest, they talk about; their health, ownership of their
bodies, protecting themselves and saying no. They talk about contraception, diseases and teen
pregnancies. The programme aims to let these teenagers know they can education themselves,
find good jobs and bring money in to support themselves and choose love… all in good time.

F.Y.I. Each retreat costs around £400.

Reading/writing/arithmetic Sponsored Teaching days (Mothers and Grandmothers)
For the mums and grandmothers, their main problem is lack of education, most of them never went
to school and were sent out to work the streets as tiny children themselves. Consequently, they
have no confidence in themselves, they’re illiterate, they’re embarrassed and ashamed that they
have no formal voice due to lack of education. With the proceeds of the book we hope to fund
teachers for them, so that they can learn to read and write in their own language. We also need to
help them learn how to add and subtract, work out interest rates, to avoid getting further into
financial trouble with loans. Kim already has an education process in place that works so well, we
hope to fund more teachers and teaching time.

F.Y.I. £20 will pay for a teacher per day, we are aiming for 2 regular teaching days per week.

Isn’t this all amazing. If you would like to donate directly to BaliStreetMums then please follow this link.

If you’ve made it this far in the blog thank you – I know it’s a very, very long one for me. I’ve just got
one last thing to say – Following our AMAZING number 1 ‘BEST SELLER’ success on Amazon,
we are celebrating!

I would love you to join us and use your voice:
– Tell us your ‘best bits’ of the book
– Be guided in a live ‘Find your Voice’ meditation
– Hear Kim from (Bali Street Mums) AND Deborah Darling (Instagram Influencer) who wrote
our beautiful Foreword…
– AND please bring your book to hold up!
This book has already raised funds towards our 3 projects in Bali to help give impoverished women
and children a voice…this Launch Party will continue to build those funds!
Tickets are ON SALE NOW at www.awomansvoiceisarevolution.co.uk

See you there!

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