I am delighted to announce “The Awakening The Light Within Doors” are now open…

I invite you to join me online at ‘The Awakening The Light Within Club’

Awakening The Light Within is a monthly membership where you come to rest, relax and restore – It is an experience that really is all about you!

Each month we will gather, relax, connect and unwind, selecting a theme, incorporating the seasons, elements, nature and one of my all-time passions travel! Perfectly blended together to create an escape for us all from the demanding and sometimes exhausting world around us, as we work towards deeply relaxing the body, balancing the nervous system, boosting our energy and promoting sleep and positive emotions as well as many other exciting and wonderful benefits and gifts.

Enjoy time to rest, relax and restore for more information please click on the link below and open the doors to Awakening The Light Within

The Royle Tranquility Time Club

A step into Awakening The Light Within, what can you expect to find behind the Doors?

A soothing, safe environment to relax, permission to pause, integrating time to restore into our everyday life, learning how our organs relate to our emotions, the importance of earthing/grounding, embracing the seasons through Yoga & meditation, drifting into yogic sleep, learning how our brain waves alter in this state. Travelling to far away lands through visualisation, Balancing our Energy Centres, and learning where it all began. Oracle cards, Mala meditation, all in this serene & fun environment..

Join me and stay for as long as you wish….. xxx