Chalice Well Gardens – my day visiting.

Chalice Well Gardens, have you ever visited? If not and you are in or around Glastonbury, I highly recommend it.

I went on Friday. I took some of my crystals and just enjoyed being there, this is an excerpt from their website:

“The gardens and Well Head provide a place of sublime beauty and peace. Constantly changing with the seasons, but with the endless continuity of the flow of water, the energies and atmosphere provide a welcome and very important break from the bustle of the outside word”

I can confirm that this describes it perfectly. The peace and quiet there with just the sounds from that water and the breeze blowing in and around the trees and foliage, make it a place where you can totally switch off and just enjoy the experience.

Here are some of the pictures and videos I took while there:

Chalice Well Gardens Entrance

The beginning of the gardens

Whilst there I took the opportunity to cleanse some of my crystals, part of the ethos of Chalice is to extend a welcome to visitors from all faiths, spiritual paths and beliefs, as they seek to facilitate a connection between people, nature and the spirits of Chalice.

The Chalice Well Trust was originally founded by Wellesley Tudor Pole in 1959 to ensure that this very ancient Holy Well could continue to be available to all – forever. We are the guardians of the living sanctuary.

If you are joining myself and Vivienne on our retreat this year if you can fit in a visit to the gardens, I can’t recommend it highly enough!



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