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Isle of Avalon – Glastonbury 21st – 22nd September 2024

  • Glastonbury
  • 21-09-2024 10:00 to 22-09-2024 14:00

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Isle of Avalon – Glastonbury 21st – 22nd September 2024


21-09-2024 10:00 to 22-09-2024 14:00
September 21, 2024


Isle of Avalon – Glastonbury 21st – 22nd September 2024


21-09-2024 10:00 to 22-09-2024 14:00
September 21, 2024


Welcome to this retreat, this Pilgrimage, this adventure to the Isle of Avalon – Glastonbury 

Enter the realm of Avalon as we honor Mabon the harvest, our ancient connection to the mystical Isle Of Apples, to celebrate Mabon, the second harvest in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. As we take a journey through time, through the mists of Avalon to meet the Lady of Avalon herself in a guided meditation. Feel the embrace, the medicine, the majick and beauty of these ancient lands and all beings, the seen and the unseen, feeling into the energy and myths from Merlin to Faery beings and the Lady of the Lake.

We will visit the Goddess Temple together as we light a candle from the Mother Flame to bridge the space between worlds and honour the flame of Avalon. Feeling the passion the perpetual flame and the connection to the Goddess Temple and the Heart of Avalon itself

Together we will embark on a mindful walk to the Tor (Glastonbury Tor is known as being one of the most spiritual sites in the country), and soar to the top of the world touching other realms and taking time to rest on the earth, and experience the energy of the ley lines, get lost in the clouds and embrace the elements.


As we come together we will gather in the Goddess rooms for the Festival of Mabon a time to celebrate in a ceremonial journey of balancing the light and the dark, traveling through the sacred waters of Avalon as we all walk through the enchanting gardens at Chalice Well, experiencing the white and red springs, (the red spring water has a healing and cleansing effect with a high iron content, (the water also looks light red coloured) and strengthens the I Am power, the spring water brings everything into the flow as you let go of what is no longer serving you) The colours of the White Spring and Chalice Well energies merge and can be seen reflecting the colours of the Faery Realm, white and red beautifully mirrored in the energies of the sacred apple orchard on the hills surrounding the Tor and sacred springs. During the ceremony and celebration we honour the Earth Mother Goddess, of Harvest and Manifestation, celebrate the harvest both literally and spiritually, welcoming The Lady of Avalon, Nolava, in her Earth aspect, powerful presence and her energy, visible in the ripening of the apples in orchards of Avalon, their unforgettable scent surrounding us as we settle together and take some time to offer gratitude for all that you have in your lives, and to call in all that you wish to manifest at this time of inner earthing and grounding.


The Gateway to Goddess in Avalon. 

The Goddess is alive in Glastonbury, visible for all to see, In the shapes of the sacred landscape. She is as soft as the rounded hills of her body and sweet as the apple blossom that grow In her orchards.

Here her love enfolds us every day, and her voice is always near, carried on the wind, whispering through the mists of Avalon.

Her mysteries are as deep as the cauldron she stirs, taking us down into her depths and lifting us up to her heights. She is our Source, our inspiration, and our love.

Kathy Jones.


This magical time together is a non residential retreat so we recommend you book your accommodation as soon as possible within Glastonbury either via airbnb or choose a hotel within walking distance or a short drive away. I am  happy to share details of any accommodation I have stayed at previously. I will  book a table nearer the time at a local restaurant for the  Saturday night if anyone wishes to join me, or recommend places to eat or you may wish to retire to your hotel / room and order some food in as you reflect on your day. 

The exchange for this adventure is £222.00.Which includes entrance to the Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury Abbey the Goddess Rooms & Temple. Guided meditations, magick & a few little surprises along the way.

If you would like to join me to save your Pilgrimage Place it’s £55.00

Instalment plan available (please email me)

Full Payment is £222.00 with a free gift of an Avalon Oracle reading

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