Soul Soothing Retreat By The Sea – Dunwich

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  • 13-10-2023 16:00 to 15-10-2023 12:00

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Soul Soothing Retreat By The Sea – Dunwich

13-10-2023 16:00 to 15-10-2023 12:00
October 13, 2023


Soul Soothing Retreat By The Sea – Dunwich

13-10-2023 16:00 to 15-10-2023 12:00
October 13, 2023


Magical Weekend Circle For Women: “Solar Eclipse Magic & New Moon Rebirth”

Join us as we step into a world where the ebb and flow of the ocean mirror the rhythm of your soul, the rhythm of the earth. Enter a place where the whispering woods echo your deepest thoughts and the majestic sky welcomes your expansive spirit. You have discovered “Soul Soothing Retreats By the Sea” at the Dunwich shoreline, a transformative retreat designed for women yearning to tap into the serene power of nature, connection and calming their mind body and soul. Allow the cleansing ocean to wash over you as you step into her energy 

Embrace the celestial energies of the “Solar Eclipse Magic & New Moon Rebirth”. This weekend circle serves as a crucible for change, an intimate space for you to explore, reflect, and reinvigorate under the gentle luminescence of the new moon energies and feel the transformative shadow of the solar eclipse.

As we surrender to the nurturing rhythm of the universe and begin your journey sipping calming warming herbal teas under the setting sun. The beckoning warmth of the campfire as we feast and forge the connection of newfound sisterhood, settle by  moonlight for an enchanting meditation, as we prepare for soulful introspection beneath the starlit sky.

Awaken to the sound of the sea and bask in the golden glow of a beach at sunrise as you engage your body and spirit in a gentle morning stretching session, chanting our wishes into the waves as we allow the ocean’s rhythm to anchor us, the tide carrying away the old and bringing forth the new. Working up an appetite for a delicious campfire breakfast nourishing your body, igniting your imagination and intuition to set powerful intentions for the New Moon.

As the solar eclipse approaches, take a tranquil journey into the heart of the surrounding woodland, where the peaceful rustle of leaves serves as a backdrop for a guided journaling session. Let go and allow the serene energies of the eclipse to capture your inner wise woman and guide your pen, helping you manifest your intentions and dreams.

Following a restful picnic lunch, a heart centering Chakra grounding meditation feel yourself awaken your creative spirit flowing as we gather in our beach crafting ritual, where the sea’s treasures – shells, stones, and copper wire – become raw materials for your personal soul sound wind chimes, echoing with the harmony of the sea and forest, resonating with your intentions.

As twilight falls, gather in circle at the heart of Oaks Meadow, as we feel into and connect with this sacred space and share whatever comes, voicing our experiences, insights, dreams, mantras and poems. The day concludes with a  campfire dinner, where the flickering flames dance in celebration of the new cycle and the magical experiences shared.

As dawn breaks on the final day, embark on a reflective walk through the tranquil Friary woods, carrying the thoughts and lessons of the past days with you. Following a nourishing breakfast, participate in an enchanting Seashore Spirit Bottles workshop, creating a keepsake infused with your personal messages and symbolic treasures.

The retreat comes to a close with ceremony calling in gratitude for the elements, treasures, wisdom an directions , bringing in protection for us all until we meet again, leaving you renewed, revitalised and reborn.

The “Soul Soothing Retreat By the Sea” is not just a retreat, but a magical journey woven with moments of introspection, transformation, and creation. It’s a space that celebrates you and your journey, helping you align with the cosmic rhythm, and encouraging you to plant seeds for a future of growth and fulfilment. Let this experience be your catalyst for transformation, inspiring you to open new chapters in your own story of self-discovery. 

Are you ready to feel the magic, the wisdom and allow your journey to begin.


Dive into a world of mystical rejuvenation and spiritual self-discovery with our two unique offerings:

Full Soul Soothing Retreat Experience: £222

Date & Time: Friday 13th October 2023, from 4:00pm to Sunday 15th October 2023 12pm

Extend your spiritual journey with our immersive two-night camping experience – (Bring along your own tent & bedding)*.

Savour a delightful ‘Fish & Chip’ supper** from ‘Floras’, the renowned Dunwich Beach Cafe, around a warm campfire on Friday Evening and a seasonal campfire Meal on Saturday night.

Craft your personal soul sound wind chime, echoing with the harmony of the sea and forest, resonating with your intentions.

Marvel at the star-kissed sky in this certified ‘Dark Skies’ Conservation Area of Natural Beauty.

Greet the days with an invigorating Sunrise Movement session on the beach and silent reflection at the mediaeval friary.

Participate in the emotionally moving farewell ceremony, encapsulating the spirit of this unique gathering.

Magical Circle Day Ticket: £88

Date & Time: Saturday 14th October 2023, from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Delve into the enchanting retreat from 9:30am to 4:30 pm

Engage in soul-inspiring activities, meditative rituals, and transformative workshops

Experience the profound power of the Solar Eclipse & New Moon Meditation

Feel profound connections with fellow voyagers, revelling in the magic

Light lunch and refreshments are included, enhancing the experience with local flavours.

Embrace Your Inner Magic:

We aim to create an intimate and immersive experience for all participants, hence spaces for this extraordinary retreat are limited. Don’t let this chance slip by to embark on a transformative journey, guided by the calming powers of nature and the cosmos.

To secure your spot, simply select your preferred ticket and proceed with the online payment. Open your heart to the magic within, deepen your connection with the land and sea, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey.

Join us at this Soul Soothing Retreat by the Sea, nestled in the heart of Oaks Meadow, and let the magic unfold. Reserve your place today.

* Toilet & Washing Facilities On-Site, Solar Powered Charging for Mobile Phones Available (No Mains Electricity as we’re Off-Grid!)

** Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten Free Options Available

* If you wish to stay overnight but the idea of camping simply does not appeal to you, or, you would like to extend your break in Dunwich, we can personally recommend the following accommodation options which are close by:

The Ship Dunwich

Dingle Marsh Barns

The Westleton Crown

If you choose not to camp at Oaks Meadow but will be staying over to participate in the weekend events and meals, please purchase the full experience ticket and just let us know you won’t be staying on-site.

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