Discover Your Inner Goddess Retreat

Thursday 15th July was the evening we held our Discover Your Inner Goddess Retreat. Under a beautiful summers sky, we arrived at the field of healing, Bythorn, Huntingdon.


We sat in stillness, we lit candles, we centred our souls and our inner goddess shone through as we whispered our intentions into the water.


We walked the Labrynth, feeling the soft grass beneath our toes, we shared roses with the earth and came back to being at one with our true self.


Loving, learning unfolding, unbinding. Understanding the nourishment and nurturing we were receiving. Absorbing the abundance as the cresent moon rose above us, the goddesses shone out smiling, laughing, playing and the fire crackled, smoked as it beckoned us to share our intentions, releasing, sprinkling the water into the flames, alchemy of wisdom, words and light all the elements present.


Earth beneath us holding us, the cool night air all around, fire to free us and warm us and the water of our words within us. As dusk softly settled we knew it was time to rest replenish and breathe heart open, soul beaming, connecting feeling the Goddess within us… for she is always there wherever you are whoever you are she never leaves, love her as you love yourself for you are one.


candles and roses that were used as part of the inner goddess retreat

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