Samhain Celebrations

I look forward to the celebrations of Samhain. As we meet at the Autumn Cross Quarter, All Souls Night, Festival of Remembrance, embracing the ending and the beginning of the Celtic New Year.

This is a magical time when the veil between the worlds is thin, especially at dawn and dusk, a window into the unseen world. A time for communicating with our ancestors, time to connect to our root energy and take time for creativity and rest.

I love this time of year as my imagination is open to all possibilities, the perfect time to add a final touch of magic to my 2023 retreats and write meditations for you all. Embracing the new cycle as it begins. I welcome and thank the spirits of the ancestors, Guardian Angels and spirit guides and look forward to sharing their wisdom with you, as we come together to embrace the elements, the season and celebrations of 2023.

October poem by Brian Boothby

  • Join me on the 8th January 2023 at Tofte Manor Souldrop for a beautiful start to the New Year, arrive and instantly feel a sense of calm as you sip tea, connect to the land enjoy the fragrance of cleansing as you step into serenity.
  • Join me on 4th March at Tofte Manor Souldrop as we explore the Angels and Ascended Masters, Relax and enjoy a meditation journey to Mount Shasta in California – legends say it is home to a sacred spring, beings who have transcended the physical plane.
  • Join us for the beautiful celebration of Beltane. The Spring Cross Quarter – The peak of the Spring Season, the beginning of Summer as we gather in the magical May energy, feeling the vibration of the heart Chakra , The Love of Beltane celebrating the fertility of the Earths energies and the potency of the life.


My two residential retreats still have a few spaces available, if you’d like to know more information about them follow this link.

So with Samhain blessings, I wish you all a beautiful Hallows Eve and hope to see you soon,
take care,

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