St Nectans Glen

From the moment I arrive, I  park and begin the walk through the ancient Celtic rainforest and glimpse the Glen. I notice step by step that I’m leaving behind the real world as if to enter another realm.

Welcome to St Nectans Glen

The entrance to this magical location is like a gift, a gift I was fortunate enough to be introduced to and receive this otherworldly energy, I was guided by a good friend of mine, to seek permission to enter from the guardians of the Glen, at a special spot which I will share with you as we embark on our retreat together.

This moment in my experience feels like a rite of passage and a greatly respectful ceremony.

I pause and once I feel the moment is right I begin my walk through the woodland, breathing in the enchantment all around me, taking me right back and at 52 it’s a few years back, to my childhood, the stories of flower fairies, wishing trees and a wonderful carefree moment.

I see the fairy stacks and the ribbons of wishes floating in the breeze, I smile and breathe it all in, enchantment envelops me and I allow it to, as I hear the power of the water cascading, calling for me, calling me to St Nectan who is said to possess the power to heal visitors to this place.

rose petal offering to St nectan

I feel invited to leave offerings, I have rose petals and lavender which I will leave within these waters, I come close and glimpse my first sight of her, the winding walks, the steps up, down and around have been worth the wait.

The water Goddess that is at the heart of the Glen presents herself, I take my shoes and socks off, I run to her, not even noticing her icy embrace, the child within me is full of love, excitement as I’m once again back at the Glen, standing in the waterfall, ready for the retreat to begin and with a deep intuitive knowing that each and every person who enters into this realm will experience their own magic, their own memories, their very own stories to share.

paddling at st nectans glen

I sit and feel the solace and watch the rainbows dance in the pools of crystal clear water. I am ready to explore, to feel the wonder and to feel the magic intertwined at this sacred sight of the beautiful St Nectans Glen.

Are you ready to join us on this retreat? I only have three spaces remaining – you can book your space here.


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