Visiting Glastonbury Tor

What are you busy doing this week? I’m taking some time out and visiting Glastonbury Tor, lots of people are really shocked I’ve never been here before, it’s known as such a spiritual place and there are so many legends about the Tor and who knows if they are true or not.

My Glastonbury base

how cute is my little base for my trip to Glastonbury?

One of them is that Jesus came to Glastonbury as a boy, traveling here with Joseph of Arimathea. Joseph was a tin merchant and had travelled to the South-West for this valuable metal. This legend inspired William Blake to write the famous poem ‘Jerusalem’,

another one is;

that beneath the hill, it is said, that there is a hidden cave through which you can pass in to the fairy realm of Annwn. There dwells the lord of the Celtic underworld Gwyn ab Nudd with the Cauldron of Rebirth. I love the idea that there is a fairy realm underneath the hill!

Grounding myself while visiting Glastonbury Tor

Grounding myself while visiting Glastonbury Tor

If you’re in need of crystals, Goddess statues, incense, dream catchers or other metaphysical goodies, you’ve come to the right place. The stores in the town center will fulfill your every spiritual need.

Somerset is so beautiful, I’m coming back here for a retreat in July, I’m really looking forward to that, and we are doing another one down here in September. If Somerset is too far though, have a look at my other retreats, more will be added as I get them booked. I was too nervous to book lots and then potentially have to cancel!

Right I’m off to enjoy my time visiting Glastonbury, before I have to pack up and head back home.

Glastonbury Tor

How beautiful is the Tor?

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