Yoga For Children

I currently teach adult yoga and would love the ability and skills to be able to bring this to children too having seen the benefits in adults.

I have seen parents and schools introduce yoga and meditation and that there is studies to show this improves concentration I think it is great to introduce this at an early stage and take this through to adulthood as a life skill, it certainly has helped me with Exams, Anxiety and general stress and I want to share what I have learnt.

I started yoga at the age of  6 and this early introduction without me even realising it at first has given me so many tools and skills to deal with all aspects of life and I want to share this with as many children as possible in this increasingly busy and fast paced world I think more than ever we all benefit from having the ability to stop , take a moment and remember to breathe at very least being aware of our bodies and when to take some time to stop and rest and how effective just a few moments of Yoga can be.

Give your children some calming and creative time

I think teaching meditation and yoga to children is incredibly beneficial and it certainly helped me throughout my School life and then into adulthood. Meditation teaches them so many wonderful skills most of all patience and stillness concentration focus and calmness. The amazing thing is all you need with you is imagination and a little patience and guidance. Children can apply this once to exam situations, study and general day to day life play time really being in the moment I think it is great for their minds to relax and calm their thoughts and become familiar with relaxing and meditating and being still and bringing their attention to what makes them happy so a conscious awareness and an ability to visualise.

Children Do Yoga

Yoga For Children

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Yoga is so beneficial in many ways it shows how children can learn connection, concentration, improve listening skills and stay present and focused in the moment it also helps with balance both mentally and physically preparing for adult life giving each individual child a mechanism to tune into their body and breath and learn about enjoying the feel through the body and its not about being competitive rather about enjoying the feeling and becoming aware of how the body feels on a daily basis and how the feelings, flexibility and strength of the body can change day to day, so enabling children to know their physical limitations so they can stay safe noticing and controlling the breath and moving and resting the body.

Yoga is great for flexibility, strength stamina and keeping fit and healthy and can be practiced for short periods of time even a 10-minute session would be beneficial.

Also the children are learning the Philosophy and Sanskrit words and origins of the poses so it is an all encompassing subject including learning about another country.

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